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11 Feb 2021

Ask the Expert: Tips for negotiating in a moving market

Caylum Merrick, Finance Team Leader at Momentum Wealth is joined by Emma Everett to discuss tips that buyers and investors can use when negotiating on properties in a moving market.

12 Oct 2020

Ask the Expert: What trends are you seeing across Perth’s sales market?

Damian Collins and Emma Everett discuss the changing landscape and emerging trends within the Perth property market as we approach the end of 2020.

01 Nov 2019

Ask the Expert: Maximising rental yields in a recovering market

Emma Everett sits down with Sebastien How, Residential Asset Management Advisor, to discuss the topic of rental yields and how you can maximise your return in a recovering market.

24 Sep 2019

Ask the Expert: Common tactics used by selling agents

Emma Everett and Ray Chua discuss some of the common tactics used by selling agents during negotiations, and how you can ensure you’re not overpaying for property.

12 Dec 2018

Ask the Expert: Trends in Perth property market – 2018

Emma Everett and Damian Collins sit down to discuss some of the key trends we are seeing in the Perth property market as we approach the end of 2018.

26 Nov 2018

Ask the Expert: Residential development syndicate FAQs

Brad Dunn, Key Relationship Manager at Momentum Wealth, sits down with our Head of Developments, Philip Anderson, to discuss some of our most commonly asked questions about property development funds.

07 Aug 2018

Ask the Expert: What are the top things tenants look for in a rental property?

In our latest ‘Ask the Expert’ segment, Momentum Wealth Property Manager Danielle Lukan discusses some of the key features tenants are looking for when searching for rental properties in the current market.

17 Jul 2018

Ask the Expert: What are the three mostly costly mistakes investors make?

Momentum Wealth Property Buyer’s Agent Ray Chua talks through the three most costly mistakes investors make when it comes to selecting and purchasing a property.

10 Mar 2017

Subdividing for profit

The state government wants half our population growth over the next 20 years to be in established areas, and with zoning changes introduced a few years ago Perth is starting to embrace higher density living.

06 Sep 2016

Top tips for buying an investment property

Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins recently featured on Channel 7’s WA Weekender program to share his top tips for buying an investment property.

06 Sep 2016

Increase your rental income

There are a few small projects you can do to instantly increase your rental returns. Damian Collins from Momentum Wealth explains your options.

03 Sep 2016

Benefits of using a buyer’s agent

On 3 September 2016, Momentum Wealth acquisitions specialist, and REIWA Buyer’s Agent Network Chairman, Ray Chua, was invited to speak to WA Weekender about the benefits of using a Buyer’s Agent to work on your behalf when purchasing a property.


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