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To access your tenancy information, view invoices and statements or report maintenance, click on the following link.

Tenant Emergency Repairs

Please review the information below. For urgent maintenance issues outside of office hours, please contact your property manager on their mobile. If they are unable to respond to you immediately, please leave a clear voice and text message outlining the maintenance issue, and provide your name, property address and contact number. Your property manager will respond to you within 24 hours.

Urgent repairs fall into two categories: essential services and other urgent repairs.

What are essential services?

The Residential Tenancies Act lists the following as essential services:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water (including the supply of hot water)
  • Sewerage, septic tank or other waste water management treatment
  • A functioning refrigerator, but only if it is provided with the premises

Examples of essential services requiring urgent repair include:

  • Loss of power to the property where there is no local outage
  • Dangerous electrical faults
  • Gas leak/smell
  • Burst water service (not including reticulation)
  • Faulty hot water system (no hot water)
  • Blocked toilet where there is only one at the property
  • Sewerage leaks

What are other urgent repairs?

Other urgent repairs are not an essential service, but if not repaired, may result in damage to the property, injury to a person or cause undue hardship or inconvenience to the tenant.

Examples of other urgent repairs include:

  • Break in where the security of the building is compromised (eg broken window/door/locks)
  • Damage from flooding, storm or fire
  • Sagging/falling ceilings
  • Impact to building by vehicle

Once reported, the Lessor has 24 hours to arrange repair of essential services, or 48 hours to arrange other urgent repairs. Please note that the repairs do not need to be carried out within these time frames, however an appointment for repair needs to have been arranged.

Please note that if you arrange any repairs without prior permission from the lessor, or if the repairs are not classified as urgent, the owner is not obligated to pay for any expenses incurred and you will be liable for payment. If any maintenance is carried out at the property and you are found to be at fault, you will also be liable for any expenses incurred.

What is not considered urgent maintenance?

The following situations are NOT considered urgent and will not be attended to outside of normal business hours. If you have a fault with any of the items below, please report the matter via our tenant portal or email your property manager for review on the next working day.

• Air conditioning not working
• Blocked toilet (where there is a second toilet in the property)
• Blocked drains including showers and basins
• Cooktop/oven not heating/working
• Reticulation leaks
• Dripping taps
• Loss of electricity to part of the home

Keys lost or locked inside

If you lose your keys or lock them inside during business hours, you may request a loan of the agent’s office set of keys. You will be required to provide adequate identification showing that you are an occupant of the property i.e. named on the lease agreement. Keys borrowed must be returned to our office within 1 working day.

If you need access to the property outside of business hours you may contact a locksmith directly yourself, however as the tenant you will be responsible for payment of any charges incurred.

Hot water systems

Should you lose hot water please check the following before contacting your property manager:

Gas hot water system: Check that the pilot light is lit. Instructions on how to light the pilot light are usually on the hot water unit.

Electric hot water system: Check that the main switch and/or circuit breaker on the main power board is switched on.

Please also refer to any manuals for the specific appliance.

Break ins and damage to glass

Immediately contact police and report the break in or damage. The police will provide you with a police report number which you will need to provide to your property manager for insurance purposes.

If the security of the property is compromised, i.e. a window and/or door are broken and cannot be secured or closed, please contact your property manager on their mobile. If you cannot contact your property manager, you may engage an after-hours glazier to attend and secure the property. Our preferred glazier is Prompt Glass – 9330 5555

Even if the glass cannot be repaired immediately, the glazier should be able to secure the property temporarily. Please ensure that you have obtained a police report number first so that the expense can be claimed on the owners’ insurance. Without this you may be held liable for payment of the glazier’s charges.

You may instruct the glazier to forward their invoice directly to our office marked attention to your property manager. Please note that some glaziers may require payment while on site. If you are required to pay the glazier up front, please ensure that you obtain a receipt for reimbursement.

If the glass breakage is a result of an act attributable to yourself or guests, you may call a glazier to repair the broken glass, however payment of the invoice must be made by yourself. Please ensure you also report this issue to your property manager in writing.

Loss of electricity

Check the main power board to see if there are lights or readings showing on the meter. Check the safety switches/RCDs to see if any have tripped. If neither, call Western Power on 13 10 87 or visit westernpower.com.au to see if there is an outage in your area.

If no outage has been reported, refer to the electrical fact sheet provided to you at the commencement of your lease before contacting your property manager.

Gas leak

If you smell gas and are inside a building, eliminate any ignition sources (don’t smoke, use electrical appliances, light switches or mobile phones) and move outside. Locate the gas meter box and immediately turn off the gas to the property. This is usually located at the front or side of the property.

Contact ATCO on 13 13 52 to report the issue, before calling your property manager.

Burst pipe (non-reticulation)

Locate the water meter and immediately turn off the water to the property. This is usually located at the front or side of the property. If you cannot locate the water meter you can call the Water Corporation on 13 13 75, and they can assist you. Then contact your property manager to report the situation.

For any slow leaks such as trickling/dripping taps or broken reticulation, please ensure that you report this to your property manager via email or our online maintenance request form.

Severe storm damage/impact to building by vehicle

This is considered an emergency situation only if the home is unable to be secured or if there is dangerous structural damage. In such an event, please take the following steps:

  • In the event of life-threatening injury to yourself or another person, call 000
  • In the event of impact by vehicle, call the Police to report the incident and obtain a Police Report Number
  • If there are any burst water pipes, TURN THE WATER OFF AT THE MAINS
  • If there is any electrical damage, TURN THE POWER OFF AT THE MAIN POWER BOARD
  • For major structural damage such as a collapsed or falling roof, call the SES (State Emergency Service) on 12 25 00

If cases where there is major structural damage to the house, do not enter the property. It may be necessary for you to seek alternate accommodation. Please contact your property manager immediately and they will advise the best course of action.

Emergency contact information

Police/Ambulance/Fire Service (life threatening only) – 000
Police – 13 14 44
State Emergency Service (SES) – 13 25 00
ATCO (Gas) – 13 13 52
Water Corporation – 13 13 75
Western Power – 13 10 87


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