Our Story

Perth’s Trusted Real Estate Investment Company

As you begin or continue to advance in your real estate investment journey, finding and trusting the ‘right’ advice isn’t always easy.

Momentum Wealth are one of Perth’s most trusted real estate investment companies, and have helped over 3,000 buyers through our property advisory services. Our goal is to help you make smart investment decisions – to minimise your risks and maximise your return on investment.

Our History

Momentum Wealth was established in 2006 by property investor, Damian Collins. Contrary to the many services available to property sellers, Momentum Wealth was created because we recognised the fundamental need for a trusted source of real estate investment advice and expertise customised exclusively to the requirements of buyers and investors.

Our Philosophy

We understand that each investor has a different set of circumstances and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to real estate investment.

Our philosophy is that an investment strategy that’s tailored to your individual situation, with clearly defined objectives, is essential to your success as a real estate investor.

At Momentum Wealth, we’ll take the time to gain a solid understanding of your unique circumstances and objectives. And from there we’ll work with you to develop an effective strategy which aligns with those parameters.

Momentum Wealth was founded on real estate investment principles that extend far beyond just acquiring property. We believe a holistic process is integral to the success of any investment strategy.

Our buyer’s agents, property strategists, finance brokers, property developers and property managers work collaboratively to provide investors with a 360-degree property service, ensuring you get tailored advice at every stage of your real estate investment journey.

Real Estate Investment Advisory Services

Through our range of real estate advisory services, we assist buyers wanting to invest in real estate in Perth and across Australia.

Our core focus is to provide our clients with strategic and integrated real estate investment advice, underpinned by our expansive industry knowledge, scrupulous research, and a proven history of outperformance.

Our service range includes:

Real Estate Investment Funds in Australia

Recognising the evolving needs of investors as they progress in their wealth creation journey, in 2015 we introduced advanced investment services to our offering, providing investors with access to sophisticated investment opportunities through our residential development and commercial property funds.

Our property funds, sometimes referred to by investors as real estate investment trusts or real estate syndicates, provide investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolio through income and capital return-focused assets, delivered through our funds management arm, Westbridge Funds Management.

Why Choose Momentum Wealth?

At Momentum Wealth, everything we do is underpinned by professionalism, integrity and research – at every level.

With our results-based approach and proven track record in delivering high-quality investment opportunities, we have forged a reputation for excellence. As a result, we are today recognised as one of the most trusted real estate investment management firms in Australia.

Whether you’re just getting started, or are an experienced investor, Momentum Wealth are here to support you in your property goals.

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