Seller's Advocacy

We'll guide you through selling your property

Our real estate Seller’s Advocacy service (sometimes referred to as ‘vendor advocacy’) is for those looking to sell an investment property without the hassle of selecting and negotiating with a real estate agent.

Professional representation from beginning to end

Your seller’s advocate will guide you through the sales process from beginning to end.

We will identify the strongest sales agent in your area that is best suited to your property and circumstances. We’ll then arrange everything with them directly, from terms of agreement through to advertising and offers, to purchase. To provide you with added protection, our own contracts are used in the process.

Our Seller's Advocacy gives you peace of mind

We work on your behalf to ensure a seamless sales process. We’ll pay the real estate agent’s commission and will hold them to account by reviewing the marketing strategy and sales campaign – and ensuring they secure the best deal for you. This service, along with standard industry advertising, is designed to be no more expensive than going to an agent directly.

Leverage our knowledge, experience, network of agents and processes to your benefit and ensure you are in the best position possible, every step of the way.

What is a seller’s advocate?

Seller’s advocates (or vendor’s advocates) are independent agents who act exclusively for the seller of a property.

Unlike a sales agent, seller’s advocate is there to guide you through the sales process from beginning to end. The role of a seller’s advocate in Australia includes:

  • Providing a written market appraisal of the property to establish market value.
  • Sourcing the best real estate agent for your needs.
  • Negotiating their commission and providing advice on their contract.
  • Recommendations on the best method of sale.
  • Evaluating the proposed sales and advertising plan and budget.
  • Vetting and advising on all offers presented.

Why choose Momentum Wealth?

At Momentum Wealth, our philosophy is that your success determines ours. We have your best interests at heart.

We are not a fan of the cookie-cutter approach; we understand that every property vendor has a different set of requirements. A tailored, holistic approach is therefore integral to the success of your property sales process.

We’ll take the time to gain a solid understanding of your unique circumstances and objectives, before devising an effective strategy which aligns with those parameters.

Our core focus is to provide you with strategic, reliable advice, underpinned by our expansive industry knowledge, meticulous research and integrity at every turn.

How do seller’s advocacy fees work?

Some seller’s advocates take a portion of the real estate agent’s commission, while others charge a fee directly to the vendor (usually about 0.5% of the sale price).

At Momentum Wealth, we charge market rate commission and then leverage our network of agents and work with the company and sales representative who best suit’s your needs and location of your property. The sub-agent is paid a major share of the commission, and Momentum Wealth retain a small share to oversee the process. The sub-agents we work with benefit from repeat business, not needing to market or look for the business, and having to work only with the buyers through the process. They are happy to take the lower rate for the overall benefits to them in the process.

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