Benefits of using a buyer’s agent

03 Sep 2016 Back

The Benefits of Using Buyers Agents | WA Weekender – 3 Sep 2016

On 3 September 2016, Momentum Wealth acquisitions specialist, and REIWA Buyer’s Agent Network Chairman, Ray Chua, was invited to speak to WA Weekender about the benefits of using a Buyer’s Agent to work on your behalf when purchasing a property.

Hear what he had to say in the video above and transcript below.


Haley (Presenter): “There’s no place like home. If you’re in the market for a new dream house then you’re going to be spending a lot of time searching for properties. But there are people out there who can make the whole process of buying your dream home a whole lot easier.

When people are selling their house they often call in the help of a selling agent. But buying a house can be an even bigger step, so taking in a buyer’s agent is a very wise call.

Ray, what actually is a buyer’s agent? I haven’t heard of a buyer’s agent before.”

Ray Chua, Momentum Wealth: “Sure. Haley, a buyer’s agent is a licensed real estate agent who is engaged by a property buyer to find and negotiate the most suitable properties for the buyer. And we’re able to navigate through all the buying of a property, from inspecting, it making sure you’re not getting a dud property, to all the tricks of the trade that agents use to get a high price. We’ll play the opposite game and we’ll ensure that you’re not paying too much. Some people are nervous about negotiating, you can just hand all that right to me.”

Haley: “Sounds amazing. And you actually help find properties as well. So if I told you what I was looking for you’d come up with some properties for me.”

Ray Chua: “Yeah, definitely. Look there’s 12,000 to 15,000 properties out there in Perth. What we’ll do is we’ll short list down to the top three or five and that will save you lots of time. But we’ll also save you lots of money as well because we understand the market. We’ll be able to spot a deal from a mile away and then we’ll basically negotiate a great price.”

Haley: “So if you’re looking at buying a new house, calling in the help of a REIWA buyer’s agent can help you.”