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Access your comprehensive guide on how to plan, grow and optimise a successful property investment portfolio, and build an income for life.

About the Book

Property Investing Roadmap – How to build an income from property for life is a practical handbook that explores the many ways property investment can help pave your path to financial independence. Drawing from the first-hand experiences of our Founder and leading real estate investment expert, Damian Collins, the book provides a straightforward guide that maps out the entire property investment journey, from acquiring your first property through to building a passive income stream through commercial real estate.

In this book on property investment, you’ll uncover:
  • How to build a retirement nest egg through property
  • The growth framework: how to use your first property to expand your portfolio
  • Damian’s “model portfolio strategy”
  • How to add commercial property to your portfolio from as little as $25,000
  • Practical strategies to protect and optimise your portfolio’s performance
  • What to do with your property portfolio when you retire
  • Damian’s nine-step guide to planning and growing your property portfolio


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What others are saying...

Having read plenty of books on property investing, Collins’ pioneering, easily consumed approach to building wealth through property is as compelling a journey as Pape’s multi-million selling Barefoot Investor. It is a salient reminder that through moderate discipline, sound advice and a sustained eye on the prize, independent wealth creation via property investment is available to all.
Hayden GrovesPrincipal & Director, Dethridge Groves Real Estate; Former REIWA President; Former REIA President
To borrow a line from Damian’s new book – the Chinese proverb – “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now”. The best time to read this book is now. Having been an avid residential and commercial property investor and advisor for many years, if you’re serious about building wealth – read this. The majority of our successful clients have included property in their investment portfolio. This is a valuable guide that covers many of the detailed practical aspects for you to build your portfolio to support your lifestyle.
Stewart Blizard Director, Insight Advisory Group
I commend Damian on this easy to read and understand book full of good advice for aspiring home owners and investors. Damian’s tips and advice show readers how to start, continue and grow a property portfolio in all markets and conditions and a blueprint from which they can build their wealth with a carefully managed property portfolio. I know very few people in the property industry better placed than Damian to give advice on building a property portfolio. His business success is testimony to his reputation as a shrewd, knowledgeable and successful investor and I am pleased he is sharing his knowledge and advice so that others can follow this pathway to wealth building.
David Airey AMReal Estate Agent, Airey Real Estate; Former REIWA President; Former REIA President

About Damian

With over three decades of experience as a seasoned property investor, Damian transitioned from his role as a Chartered Accountant to build his personal property investment portfolio, before establishing Momentum Wealth to help others do the same. As the Founder and Managing Director of Momentum Wealth and Chairman of our funds management arm, Westbridge Funds Management, Damian has been instrumental in creating opportunities for thousands of Australians to enjoy the benefits of property investment. He has now published his first real estate investment book, Property Investing Roadmap, to share his experiences and empower others with the knowledge of how to achieve financial freedom through property.

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