16 Nov 2023

Perth Residential Property Market Insights – October 2023

During October, Perth’s residential property market saw houses selling at a record speed, with a median selling time of just 8 days. Property values have continued to rise, with Perth showing...

01 Nov 2023

Home loan pre-approval – what does it really mean?

Caylum Merrick, Momentum’s Property Strategy and Finance Manager, explains what a pre-approval is and why it’s important to know what your lender is really offering with a home loan...

24 Oct 2023

Property negotiation tactics: the common mistakes investors make during property negotiations

Negotiating is one of the fundamental aspects of property investment, but it’s also the one aspect that many investors dread. While there are many well-known property negotiation tactics, there are...

16 Oct 2023

Perth Residential Property Market Insights – September 2023

Residential property values in Australia experienced strong growth in September 2023, with Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane recording the strongest monthly rises. Housing supply in Perth reached a...

16 Oct 2023

Case study: how Momentum’s integrated approach delivered an uplift in property value and rental yield

When an investor engaged Momentum looking to purchase an investment property, they were able to achieve a stronger return by utilising the team’s strategic and collaborative approach between...

10 Oct 2023

Summer maintenance tips for property owners

As the warmer months approach, it’s crucial to prepare your property for the summer season. Our experienced property management team share their summer maintenance tips and provide their...

15 Sep 2023

Perth Residential Property Market Insights – August 2023

During August, residential property values rose and it took a median of just 10 days to sell a property in Perth, continuing the record-low rate. Vacancy rates remain low in Perth’s rental market...

16 Aug 2023

Should I use Lenders Mortgage Insurance to buy a property?

Lenders Mortgage Insurance can help you get into the property market sooner. But as Momentum Wealth’s Finance Broker Maxwell Miorada explains, there are pros and cons to weigh up....

15 Aug 2023

The significance of capital growth in property investment

When it comes to property investment, the immediate revenue from rental income is attractive. However, there’s another important aspect that’s sometimes overlooked: capital growth. Often...

15 Aug 2023

Perth Residential Property Market Insights – July 2023

During July, it took a median of just 10 days to sell a property in Perth, continuing the record low that was set in the previous month. In Perth’s rental market, the vacancy rate has risen for the...

26 Jul 2023

Reforms to rental laws – what it means for you

It’s been more than 10 years since WA’s tenancy legislation was updated, and plenty has happened in that time. To address the needs of WA’s changing tenancy market, the state government is...

13 Jul 2023

Perth Residential Property Market Insights – June 2023

In Perth, properties sold at a record-breaking pace during June, with a median of just 10 days on the market. While all major capital cities showed improvement in house prices in June, Perth is the...


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