19 May 2022

Should I rent my house furnished or unfurnished?

There are good reasons why the vast majority of rental properties are unfurnished However, there may be times when it can it make sense to offer a furnished

13 May 2022

What is the best type of investment property for you?

How do you know what is the best type of investment property for you We share the three key factors you need to

12 May 2022

Property investors name their top markets for 2022

Our new Property Sentiment Report has revealed the two markets that have caught the eye of Australian property investors in 2022 Momentum Wealth has once again completed our annual Property Sentiment

11 May 2022

How to invest in property in Australia: 3 key steps to get started

So, you’re planning to invest in property! It’s an exciting step towards financial freedom Here are 3 key tips on how to get

10 May 2022

What rising interest rates mean for property investors: Your questions answered

After months of speculation, the Reserve Bank of Australia confirmed an increase to official cash rates – and hinted at the possibility of more movements to come We interviewed our Finance Team

10 May 2022

Perth Residential Property Market Insights – April 2022

With several significant announcements emerging across Australia’s real estate markets, we consider the largest trends impacting Perth buyers across the past month Trend 1 – CoreLogic figures set

06 May 2022

How to find a good property manager: the key questions you need to ask

You’ve just bought or are in the process of buying an investment property – it’s an exciting milestone! Now, you’re probably looking for someone to manage and protect your property But

29 Apr 2022

Why collaboration between a buyer’s agent and a property manager will deliver you better portfolio results

Success is often a sum of many parts, and property investment is no exception to this rule When it comes to building a successful and lucrative property portfolio, teamwork can be the key ingredient

28 Apr 2022

Which type of investment property is right for you?

Property investors in Australia can select from a wide range of different properties But with each carrying different benefits and drawbacks, how do you know which type of property is right for you

06 Apr 2022

Federal Budget a big win for first home buyers

The Morrison Government has handed down its Federal Budget for 2022/23, and first home buyers in Perth have come out with plenty to celebrate Federal Budget forecasts suggest the future looks bright

06 Apr 2022

Perth Residential Property Market Insights – March 2022

As the first quarter of 2022 draws to a close, our team analyse the biggest trends impacting Perth’s residential property market: Trend 1 – Perth market growth ramps up in March CoreLogic’s

22 Mar 2022

How to manage a rental property from out of state

When it comes to buying an investment property, it can be tempting to limit your search to the local area But there are good reasons to look further afield – and with the right professional


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