WA Government offers $10,000 incentive to convert short-term accommodation into long-term rentals


In an effort to boost housing supply, the Western Australian Government has introduced a new initiative, offering short-term accommodation owners a $10,000 incentive to transition their properties into long-term rental leases.

The scheme is part of a slew of changes the government plans to introduce to regulate the growing short-term rental market.


How does the incentive scheme work?

This new Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Incentive Scheme is designed to encourage eligible property owners to switch to long-term rentals with a $10,000 incentive payment.

The incentive payment is structured in two stages: the first instalment paid once eligible applications are approved, and the remaining after the long-term tenancy rental agreement reaches 12 months.

The scheme is only available for a limited period, and property owners will need to transition their properties to long-term rental accommodation by 8 May 2024 to qualify.


Who qualifies for the scheme?

To be eligible, property owners must have listed their entire property for rent on a short-stay booking platform in the six weeks prior to the scheme’s announcement on 9 November 2023. Owners must also be willing to commit to a minimum 12-month lease for new long-term tenants.

There will be limits placed on the maximum rent that can be charged to protect tenants and ensure the housing is affordable.


Additional state-wide reforms for short-term accommodation

In addition to the STRA Incentive Scheme, the WA government has proposed two reforms aimed at delivering better regulation of the short-term housing market.

Under the revised regulations, all short-term accommodation properties in Western Australia will need to be registered by 1 January 2025 before they can be advertised and accept bookings. This move aims to establish consistency within the sector and clarify the requirements for operating a short-term rental accommodation property.

Additionally, in the Perth metropolitan area, planning approval will be required for un-hosted STRA properties if they operate for more than 90 nights.


Considering converting your short-term accommodation to a long-term rental?

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