Summer maintenance tips for property owners


As the warmer months approach, it’s crucial to prepare your property for the summer season. Our experienced property management team share their summer maintenance tips and provide their answers to commonly asked questions.

Summer home maintenance checklist

Follow our summer home maintenance tips, to help you prepare for the festive summer period ahead.  

Air conditioning

Before the temperatures soar, consider servicing your air conditioning units. This proactive approach ensures optimal functionality and can help identify potential issues early on, preventing larger and costlier repairs, such as water damage from leaking evaporative units. 

While servicing may seem unnecessary, it’s a small investment compared to the inconvenience and expense of a breakdown. Plus, your tenants will greatly appreciate a well-functioning air conditioning system.


Swimming pools

Swimming pools comprise a significant component of summer house maintenance.

While tenants play a role in maintaining the pool, including debris removal and water condition upkeep, landlords are responsible for ensuring all pool equipment operates effectively and that safety barriers comply with regulations. 

If your tenancy includes a monthly pool service, recommendations for necessary repairs will be provided by the service provider to maintain the pool in a usable and sanitary condition. 

Maintaining pool fencing, gates and latches is crucial, and it is imperative to action requests for maintenance promptly, as repairs to pool barriers are considered urgent. 


Reticulation systems

The tenant is responsible for setting automatic systems to the correct watering days and times and for the general upkeep of reticulation fittings, including keeping sprinklers free from sand, grass and debris. Any damage caused to the reticulation is the tenant’s responsibility to repair. However, faulty controllers, valves and solenoids are the lessor’s responsibility. 

Should the reticulation system become non-operational, the tenant must ensure that the lawns and gardens are hand-watered regularly and adequately. 


Is an air conditioning fault considered urgent maintenance?

Under the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), urgent repairs are those required to restore essential services – electricity, gas, water (including hot water supply), sewerage management and a functioning refrigerator where one has been provided with the premises.

Air conditioning is not classified as an essential service under the RTA, and the repair of faults is not considered urgent maintenance. You are, however, obligated to arrange repairs within a reasonable timeframe. 

Are tenants permitted portable swimming pools and spas?

Portable pools and spas are prohibited at all properties without council-approved pool barriers. Pool fencing laws apply to all pools and spas, including portable ones 300mm deep or more. Using such pools or spas without a compliant barrier may result in substantial fines imposed by the local council. Any tenants found using portable pools or spas at the property will be instructed to remove them immediately and may be issued a Notice of Breach of Agreement.

Will Momentum Wealth be closing over Christmas, and how will this affect my end-of-month payment?

Our office will be closed from Friday, 22 December 2023, and reopening on Tuesday 2 January 2024. December end-of-month payments will be processed on Thursday, 21 December, and collections after this date will be included with your January end-of-month payment.

Will home opens be held over the Christmas closure period?

Should your property be advertised for lease during our Christmas closure period, home opens will be scheduled for the first week in January, and all prospective tenants who register their interest will automatically be notified of viewing times. Your Property Manager will provide further information before our final business day.

How can a Maintenance Report be submitted during the Christmas closure period??

Tenants can report maintenance via the tenant portal and seek assistance through our chatbot, Alex. For urgent maintenance as defined by the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants can refer to our After-Hours Urgent Maintenance Plan and may contact one of our team members or an approved contractor for urgent assistance. If any repairs are carried out that are not deemed urgent under the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants may be held liable for costs incurred.

And there you have our top summer maintenance tips for your home or investment property.

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